3DBiopsy, Inc.— founded by noted experts Drs. Stone, Crawford and Lucia—has developed a Biopsy System* that uses
three-dimensional (3D) imaging to map the prostate gland to aid in identifying the location of clinically significant cancers. It was created in response to the frustration that physicians, patients and the healthcare system experience with the current biopsy
method—Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS).

The 3DBiopsy System includes a patented Biopsy Needle, patented Biopsy Actuator device, patent-pending Integrated Pathology System and 3D Mapping Software.

The company hopes that this 4-part advance in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer will result in a paradigm shift in the management of this disease—
and  ultimately, other cancers.

*Investigational device. Not available for sale in the United States

Medical Reimbursement
& Investment information

is available on request.

Brad J. Buscher

Chairman of the Board

Cell: 612-859-2551

Nelson N. Stone, MD

President, Chief Executive Officer

and Founder

Cell: 845-323-1727

James R. Rosa

Vice President, Regulatory

and Quality Assurance

Cell: 303-704-3374

Todd J. Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Cell: 612-839-2457

E. David Crawford, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

and Founder

Cell: 303-315-5937

We welcome inquiries from Investors.

call direct: 1-800-290-6186

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