The Next Dimension: Advanced 3D Imaging Software and Biopsy System

Mapping an end to blind biopsies

The standard 12-core prostate biopsy regimen is a 30-year old technology. It misses cancer in up to 30% of cases and results in the mischaracterization of tumors in 30-40% of positive biopsies.1 By failing to correctly identify the type of cancer within the prostate, more aggressive cancers may be missed and continue to grow unchecked. Furthermore, about half of those who seek treatment may not need it.

The 3DBiopsy System is being created in response to the frustrations that physicians and patients experience with the current biopsy method. It is being designed to provide a complete, dimensional and systematic mapping of any cancerous lesion present in the prostate.

Founded by noted experts Drs. Crawford and Lucia, the company is developing an innovative biopsy system which uses three-dimensional imaging to map the prostate gland. This will aid in identifying the location of clinically significant cancers. When combined with the system’s advances in needle, actuator and specimen collection design, this disruptive technology strives to change the way prostate—and ultimately other cancers—are managed.

*Investigational device. Not available for sale.

1. Tareen B, Godoy G, Sankin A, et al. Can contemporary transrectal prostate biopsy accurately select candidates for hemi-ablative focal therapy of prostate cancer? BJU Int. 2009 Jul;104(2):195-9.

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