TRUS Biopsy Procedure

The founder of 3DBiopsy, Dr. E. David Crawford is developing a new variable biopsy device, capable of taking a prostate specimen between 2 to 5 cm in length, along with a biopsy needle that retrieves over 90% of the tissue sampled. The current TRUS biopsy devices take short (average 12 mm) fragmented specimens which miss cancers in 30% and mischaracterize the tumor aggressiveness in up to 50%. Men undergoing MRI targeted fusion biopsy also require additional sampling due to the inadequacy of the shorter specimens. Urologists will be able to take one core with the new 3DBiopsy device along the entire oblique axis of the prostate. The Company’s device will sample both peripheral and anterior zones and is capable of completely encompassing regions of interest when MRI fusion is performed.

*Investigational device. Not available for sale.